Fracture-Proof-Frame PROTOCOL!

Learn what mistakes most people make and improve Bone Health& Quality of Life.

Imagine having a Fracture-Proof-Frame increased mobility and strength, moving smoother and easier and living a more Pain Free / Risk Free life. This becomes a bigger priority in the decades after age 50. We have helped countless clients reach this quality of life quickly. A Former High risk situation has become a competitive game with the grand kids. Less Time and assistance at the grocery store.  Control on your life again.
Based on the top studies and information in this field resistance training, either alone or in combination with other interventions, may be the most optimal strategy to improve the muscle and bone mass in postmenopausal women, middle-aged men, even the older population. Our Training Program makes it easy for you and we include a stack of other interventions also.
GUARANTEED RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK Hundreds of postmenopausal women, middle-aged men and seniors have increased their bone health using our protocols. It’s also based on the latest scientific training principles you wont see in any other program. These methods have been curated with many of our 1-on-1 training clients over the years. Moreover, I offer a full 30 day refund policy when you complete the plan if you have not seen any-results.

This simple Yet Highly Effective Scientific Protocol 







 And... Hundreds Of Women&Men Just Like You worldwide Are Already Applying This And SUCCEEDING 

"For Once Its EASY-TO-USE , And The Exercises Are Great! ''
Our Client has seen a real benefit in bone health since she has been training with us and also has enjoyed using the App to track and measure and train with. Shes happy that its simple to use with her program shes purchased. 

I was diagnosed with osteopenia and my docotor told me to get moving a few years ago.  

   I have worked with many other trainers in the past but i did not see the results that i wanted. After training with MPC and the fracture-proof-protocol i saw more results than with all my other trainers combined. 

I felt like i got stronger and was living more pain free. The done-for-you meals were great and the supplements made a big difference and it was only a couple things. 

The training was fun , and i hadnt done anything like this before i was able to train at a very light pace at first but then gradually increase as i got in better shape! No other trainer that i'v used in the past has had a program as effective as this.

Adam this was amazing.

  Over the last few years i was having the toughest time Adjusting to my life. I was just diagnosed with Osteoperosis and around the same time i had just finally retired.

It was a tough time because i was a career driven person and even though i had many plans after i was finished work-- it felt like i couldnt do them all. I was always sore and in pain, i was also recovering from a fracture that origionally forced me to get my bone density tested.

MPC's Fracture-Proof-Frame system helped me get my life back. I dont know if it was the training or combination with the meals but i was back to my old self. I had confidence to do everything i wanted to again. My quality of life had increased overall and i was able to spend my time doing the things i was supposed to be doing when i was dreaming of retirement in the first place.

Thanks Adam!


  • Women/Men wanting to better their bone health: Scientifically, after testing this with hundreds of people, we find the unique combination training system ;has gotten rapid results and helped customers live a better life with less or without pain... 
  • Perfect If You've Failed other modalities Before: We keep you on track with our app and our meal plans are easy to prepare and maintain.
  • Results Oriented: We are serious about Bone health; thats why we give you all the tools to be successful.
  • YOUR Needs, Wants and Lifestyle: Our system incorporates what your body needs to feel and move better, helps increase bone and overall health while not taking any extra time away from your busy lifestyle!



The Fracture-Proof-Frame training plan is the blueprint to get you moving and feeling better while reinforcing osteoclast and osteoblast. For over 85% of our clients , this program was the spring board to better health and a better life. Kickstart you system and begin training today.


Our Meal Plans are suitable for Vega, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Carb and more. It is a done-for-you 5day meal scheme to teach you how to prepare more food with less cooking time
All the meals are chemically balanced so you get everything you need. You can choose from our other Done-For-You menu. Our system includes some off training days in which you can still eat all your favourite foods while getting results!

 MPC FITNESS APP - TRACK & MEASURE : Have Your Program, Training, Meals and so much more at your FINGERTIPS.

The number 1 factor scientists and specialists always deem the most important to obtain results is tracking & measuring. Its very difficult to identify the problem when your not seeing results without having exact data to compare. Our Personalized fitness app doesn't just train you, it also monitors food while having your meal plan viewabletracks weight, tracks your steps and lets you upload progress pictures and so much more! furthermore our online community is included on your app so you can see others that started just like you. See what others are up to and how they are fairing with their fitness Journey.



The body and mind program is a fantastic yoga inspired training plan. We have had hundreds of athletes and clients use this program for a number of different reasons. Recovery and balance has been the feedback we have gotten but people have also said:
"Its helped cure insomnia, Lowers blood pressure, Reduces stress ,Improves the immune system,Increases flexibility, Strengthens and tones muscles, Keeps you at a healthy weight
Protects your body against injury."
Recovery is just as important as the training itself, you only get results when you recover!


  Imagine, its 30 days from now and your quality of life has significantly increased. Less pain and aches , back in control of your activities without worry and confident at the grocery store manoeuvring Your groceries without any help.

Or Just imagine a few weeks after a month of training and your at a gathering perhaps with grand daughter or your daughters. Playing with kids without hesitation and feeling optimal.Furthermore, everyone there are all inquiring about what you've been up to “ Wow you'v got a lot of energy and you look great? What did you do to get like this?

You Retort confidently “I just did at home workouts 20 minutes a day with this scientific workout from from a strength and conditioning specialist and made some easy changes to my food."

You FINALLY feel good again, the first time in 10 years or more. After everything thats happened since the beginning of 2020, and living uncomfortably this has been a blessing in disguise.

Even though hard to admit , needing to get moving and increase health was the perfect motivation for you to get back In shape ! and your life is now better and you can enjoy the accomplishments.
No Worries OR Risk... The Product Comes With A
100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back.  We are so confident in our system we will give you a full refund if this does not work for you after the 30day mark. These methods have been tried and tested with Hundreds of Female/Male clients .


"I Can't Believe It... My Joints Feel Great .....
I started training with MPC initially because i need to improve my bone health. I was stuggling at my job which does involve some activity during the day. I was just feeling extra sore and tiered all the time. Osteoperosis runs in my family after the age of 45; so i wanted to be proactive.

The better bone health program was very well put together, the nutrition and training were great. My joints felt stable and smooth again.

 They suggested the highest quality supplements; and their suggestions come from their Doctors and Holistic nutritionists on staff.

MPC was able to get me in a fantastic routine. I continued training with them and lost weight and transformed my body; once you have a strong stable base you can progress and do so much more in your life.

You changed my life and allowed me to become the best me and build good habbits i can keep up on my own. Thank you Adam.
"Having Everything Load On My IPAD"
Love the program ADAM! I found it very easy to see results. The excercise program seemed tailor made for me to start with hardly any resistance at all. it sounds silly ;But before i knew it i was curling 10lbs dummbells which i would have never imagined.

It makes sense to why the smaller joint excercises are so important; it make the bigger movments easier to do because your more stable.

 Having everything load up to the APP on my Ipad made it so convienet for me. I always had something to refer back to and it helped me stay on course!

Thank you.
   The exercises are easy and quick. I am able to pull my workout up on my phone and get going right away. I havent been active since i was a teenager but i am enjoying this routine. Having fun and staying healthy while reducing the risk of a shorter life is a double-plus.

Once i did them for a week i almost had them memorized, then it just became a matter of loading my data (weights/reps completed) in the app after the workout was finished while i was relaxing.
Its Extra Important For me To Keep Up with the Kids.
 Having less tightness and pain is a huge Win for me. I sit alot during the day while im at the office. Years of that plus a bone deficiency leads to chronic issues and pains. The Fracture-Proof-Frame training plan and meal plan work extremely well.

Its extra important for me to keep up with my kids, they are heavily into sports and its nice to be able to play with them again without being forced to stop from a strain or due to my fitness level.


OPTION 1: DO NOTHING AND GO BACKWARDS... Look this program works Hundreds of people have used it; it has a 30 day guarantee. The only thing stopping you now is you and your mindset. maybe your questioning your ability to complete this. Let me promise you follow it for 30 days and you will see results.  What is the other option? you do nothing? your bone health gets worse? 30 days goes by and you feel worse and there is no change? The choice is simple...

OPTION 2: DO NOTHING AND IF YOU ARE LUCKY, STAY THE SAME..Maybe you don't feel worse but typically bone health can become a degenerative issue and eventually will get worse. Holding back on activities you want to do because you are worried about an accident or feeling sore and in pain ,when you could have looked and felt younger from taking action today!
OPTION 3: MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY, AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE...You make the change today  you come out of today feeling the best you've ever felt. Everyone notices your confidence and independence asked what the heck you were doing for the last 30days and now this summer 2020 your living your best life. 


I was stuck on numerous occasions! I was a fresh new face and trainer at my University fitness centre clinic. My first two clients were my previous professors my first year ; a Husband & Wife. Both extremely active athletes their whole life and now in their 70's. The women was a powerlifter for most of her earlier life ; had a muscle degenerative issue that she felt weak because of. The husband was a long distance runner diagnosed with Osteopenia.
I was in my last year of school deciding if i was also going to study athletic therapy next; moreover i was about to make my professional MMA debut. But that would mean more schooling and if i made my debut i had a long list of injuries.

I was able to assist my former professors with their issues while researching and referring back to my final year prof's. For the husband we were able to get him strong and increase stability that way it would reduce his chance of injury and decrease soreness. For his Wife we started training volume (lots of light reps) this kept her feeling healthy and strong and decreased pain do to increased blood flow and recovery time.

Regarding myself i waited two years to make my pro debut, in the meantime i made my self so structurally sound i recovered injuries and got injured significantly less. I also did study Athletic therapy as well.

This is what lead me to developing the MPC Fitness App and the Fracture-Proof-Frame protocols you have been reading about thus far. I wanted to be able to help as many people reach their goals and maintain it as possible. I never wanted location to be a factor.


How will i know how to do the exercise?
     All of our program templates come with step-by-step picture and instructions on what to do right beside it. Furthermore, we are giving you our APP for free and will load all of your programs and meal plans on there-- The APP has videos of everything on your program and also instruction. 
Will I actually be able to see results Quickly?
       Yes, everybody's body is different and results do vary on starting point, goals and effort. But we have had people come through the program who have never done any sports or activity in their life and are still with us training because of how much better they feel. It started with the 30 day , and then progressed. 
What are the best Practices?
     On top of your Ebooks --We suggest using the app as it has everything you need right at your fingertips. Input all your information and keep consistent with it. This sets you up for success and Results, Tracking and measuring is the number 1 scientific factor that allows you to correct yourself if your making any mistakes.
What if i Dislike Cooking?
     Cooking and prepping can be a time consuming task but we have had our nutritionists and chef's team-up to come up with a nutrition plan that does not require you to cook endlessly each day. The structure actually makes it easy to prep your training. 
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